Gives street children in Honduras a future by means of caring and schooling

Homeless Child supports local organisations in Honduras that take care of children from different backgrounds and with a variety of problems. Not only undernourished babies but also orphans, street children and children suffering from addictions are looked after. The Dutch founder Bas Wiersma spends eight months of every year in Honduras helping out.

The most important programme is Pronino, a relief centre for children living on the streets, especially for young boys addicted to sniffing glue. As well as gaining a roof over their heads and receiving medical care, the boys are given a new chance to rebuild their lives. They learn to go about their daily life in a structured and routine-based manner. They go to school and are at a later age offered vocational training. When they leave the programme around the age of eighteen, they have a future ahead of them once more.

Besides Pronino, Homeless Child also supports the local orphanage and educates women/mothers on matters such as contraception and parenting. By doing so, Homeless Child tries to stay ahead of and thus prevent the problem of children ending up on the streets. True Blue went to take a look at the work being done and became wildly enthusiastic about the dedication and methodical organisation of the locals. We have therefore decided to sponsor Homeless Child for the following three years.


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