Interplast Holland performs reconstructive surgery on children with cleft palates and severe burns, in several developing countries.

Throughout the year, several surgical teams of highly experienced Dutch plastic surgeons, anesthetists and assistants perform their operations in various countries abroad.

Interplast Holland mainly operates in Africa and Asia. The participating team members operate on a voluntary basis in their free time. The costs of these projects include the need for surgical supplies, medication and accommodation for the staff, as well as their travel expenses.

By organizing these overseas operations, Interplast Holland improves the life of 500 children every year, at a relatively low cost.

Interplast Holland is also strongly involved in helping the burn clinic in Uganda, most African countries do not provide special care for burns, despite the fact they frequently occur. The clinic in Uganda is being operated by local professionals, who have been trained by the Dutch medical experts.

The patients that have been treated are children from the poorest population, their parents are without means to provide for basic health care, let alone hospitalization. By helping these children Interplast Holland provides a chance for a better, healthier future.

Interplast Holland

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