Focuses on the treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration of disabled children in Peru.

Several times a year, medical teams originating predominantly from the Netherlands come to Peru to perform operations on disabled children. The most important focus is on children suffering from a cleft lip or palate, burns, hydrocephalus (water on the brain), a break in the spinal column or talipes (clubfoot).  

Many parents in Peru lack the financial resources to have their children treated. The children are often rejected by society and become excluded from it. They do not go to school as they cannot talk, walk, or in some cases even eat or drink properly. These children miss out on education, are unable to develop themselves and thus remain in poor health and abject poverty. In this situation, a corrective operation can make all the difference in the world.

Paz Holandesa is currently working hard on the construction of its own children’s hospital in which children can be treated and operated on all year round. The outpatients’ department is for the most part already in use, providing aftercare for patients in the form of physiotherapy, speech therapy and dentistry, for example. The final task now is to finish the operating theatres.

Under the leadership of Marjan van Mourik from the Netherlands, Paz Holandesa has been a magnificent project for well over a decade, offering so many children the chance to enjoy a better life. In addition to the above-mentioned corrective surgery project, Paz also donates food and medical care to two children’s homes in the neighbourhood: Chavez de la Rosa (for small children) and Sabandya (for disabled children).

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