Max Foundation fights child mortality by providing small-scale drinking water and sanitation projects in the most remote, rural and poor areas of Bangladesh.

By digging water wells, constructing sanitary areas and educating on hygiene related issues, Max Foundation is effectively combining the best ways to fight the biggest cause of child mortality.

Max Foundation strongly recommends this integrated approach because it not only fights the mortality rate of the smaller children, it also helps the villages in general. Women are made responsible for the further education on the hygiene projects and this has improved the well being of the families overall. Especially girls have benefitted from the fact they can attend schools with adequate sanitat

Max Foundation is convinced that clean drinking water and basic sanitation helps building a good base for the future.

Max Foundation organizes the various projects very efficiently. So far 1400 sanitation projects have benefitted at least 280.000 people (children and adults included).

By submitting the responsibility and maintenance of the projects to the local people, Max Foundation has seen great involvement and maximum usage.


Max foundation

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Max foundation