Supports orphanages and feeds school children in South-African townships

The organisation SOS Kayamandi works to help school children in the townships of Kayamandi and Cloetesville. These townships are located near Stellenbosch in South Africa. Many children living there are starving. Because of diseases like HIV/AIDS, there are already more than 250 orphans in the area. They live in slum dwellings made of sheets of corrugated iron and waste materials.

The first local orphanage was opened by SOS Kayamandi in 2008. It gave a loving home to six orphaned children who will also benefit from a good upbringing provided by their foster mother. An additional six children live on the top floor with their foster mother. In 2010, the neighbouring township of Cloetesville witnessed the opening of its first orphanage too which likewise started out with six children.

From the very beginning, SOS Kayamandi has also lent a helping hand to a food programme operating in the townships, the “bread project”, which now provides more than 1,200 school children with two peanut butter sandwiches every day. Food experts have determined this to be the best nutritional option for starving children. The bread must first be baked, which in its turn contributes to the creation of employment.

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